WIN ACTIE: New febi Workshop Calendar Displays the Beauty of Iceland donderdag 7 november 2019

InfoGarage mag in samenwerking met Febi Benelux 5 kalenders voor 2020 weggeven. De eerste 5 personen die een mail sturen naar krijgen GRATIS een kalender opgestuurd.


Ice cold glaciers, bubbling springs, steaming earth: the new febi workshop calendar travelled to Iceland this year.

In the upcoming issue – which will once again be sent exclusively to independent workshops and febi customers around the globe – the landscape will be featured more prominently than in any previous calendar. 
This is no surprise as Iceland offers numerous spectacular photo motifs - from the Vatnajökull glacier to mossy lava landscapes and impressive waterfalls.


More than 6,000 photos were taken at 22 locations in May of 2019 - only the top 12 made it into the finished calendar. 
Photos were also taken at locations that have previously served as sets for well-known films and series. 
The cover shot was taken in a bay where Pierce Brosnan stood in front of the camera as James Bond. 
Or the October motif: the waterfall was used as a backdrop in the hit series "Game of Thrones".


What looks so easy in the photos was not a simple task – especially for the models since the on-site temperature was roughly seven degree Celsius. But the hard work has paid off: the 19th edition of the febi calendar combines elegance and raw forces of nature. 
A real eye-catcher for every workshop.


Take a look behind the scenes of the photo shoot in the making-of at .

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